Sometimes I need a little extra encouragement when life feels harder, heavier, and lonelier than I’d like it to feel. On those days I am extra grateful for my altar: a collection of meaningful objects, charged with light and positivity, arranged beautifully and creating a sweet space for me.


When I sit in front of it, or just glance over at it, it is like I am receiving a visual pep talk. It’s as if my statues, family pictures, hot pink lotus candle, and inspiring quotes are all silently cheering me on.


I visit this space first thing in the morning to meditate and get grounded for the day. It feels so good to have a little space available to connect with myself. Even if you aren’t in to the whole meditation thing, a place just for you that you walk by or pause next to that evokes peace and ease will do your soul lots of good.


You can make an altar anywhere. There is always room where a few of your treasured objects can live together. Take a look around your home and see if there is a windowsill, a shelf, a dresser, on your desk, or a corner on the floor calling out to be something more.


Don’t wait! Go ahead and…



I cant wait to see all the spaces you find! Instagram a photo using the hashtag #myaltarspace or tell me about it in the comments below.

I will share some ideas of what you can place on your altar soon!

For all that is to come,