What if I valued myself through my compassion, reverence, patience, and courage to keep my heart open?

What if I valued my capacity to connect with source, myself, or even my willingness to try?

What if I valued myself for the space I let be, bowing to it, rather than being so quick to fill it?

What if I valued myself based on the size of my heart, rather than the amount of money I generate?

What if I valued myself on the kind of woman I am, rather than the kind of work / career I build for myself?

What if I valued myself on my thoughtfulness, rather than all the things I don’t seem to know?

What if?

I will.

I value myself for my tremendous ability to feel and heal, to transmute, to create, to drip with love and satisfaction simply because I am.

Can I open myself all the way to myself, to others? To receive all aspects of me and then receive depths of love.

Like a flower, I will always be opening.