While I am focused on tasks and productivity I simultaneously yearn for a closeness to my spirit. For I can spend my entire life crossing off items on the to do list, but I need more than that. So amidst it all, I wonder…

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How do I tend to a connection to what is beautiful while ruled by accomplishing tasks?

How do I relish in moments?

What do I let drop away so that simplicity rules my days?

What can wait?

How can I weave in ritual and ceremony into an average Thursday?

How can I be fueled by the mundane?

How can I meet my spirit, again and again?

How can I uncover the sacred that lies right beneath me?

I live in these questions, for I know there isn’t one magical answer, one formula. But for this morning anyway: I found a tea pot in the back of my cabinet, and a delicate china tea cup + saucer painted with holly. I filled the tea pot and quietly sipped the tea, carefully placing the cup back to its home, as I noticed the light streaming into this table that I sit at – that my grandfather built, and that many have gathered around.

“Woman passed down to woman a way of being within herself as she carried out her daily tasks in which she relates to herself and to the task as sacred and necessary to the completion of the cosmic cycle, to be fulfilled by her, by her alone, again and again. Through that fulfilling, she renewed the earth, blessing the cycles of nature, quietly carving into the stillness of time the steps of her repeated trips for water, her winnowing of the grain, her nurturing of the earth.” – Judith Durek