It eventually became so comfortable, I couldn’t imagine unearthing from my invisibility cloak.

When my third child was born I put myself on the bench.

He tipped the scales, and I didn’t have a strong infrastructure to hold it all.

Within self preservation : a part of me died. A release of the current self in order to evolve.

I am reassembling the parts, for I feel I have replaced one of my own limbs with a baby for these past 16 months.

Like a game of hide and seek, I was desperately waiting for someone to find me. The more I waited for that external discovery, the more I realized no one was looking for me. Except for myself. I was frantically searching as I understood : I get to set myself free.

It is me who gets to step off of the sidelines and get back into the game. To claim with arms wide open :


I needed time to heal, and I will continue to mend, but I wish for it to be more of a dance : expressing and resting, both vitally important and a healthy exchange.

For right now I’m ready to enter back into my life in a meaningful + engaged way. With my three children witnessing me as I step back in.