Please transmute the pain, the grief, the sadness that has gathered from my attempts to hold it all.

Bring me to the end of this thread that has run its story. Let it be complete. I see that the heaviness is intertwined with comfort : because it is familiar. Let me find sweetness in the unknowing.

Allow these subtle structures that are crumbling be an invitation to receive exquisite support. I open myself up to genuinely receive it.

Let my cries for something other than what is be a prayer for what is coming.

Let the guilt for my repeated mistakes dissolve and in its place : forgiveness.

Let me stand firm in my center and not be swallowed by the world around me. There is enough room for me and I will not be crowded out.

Let me feel the rawness of the elements as they cleanse, rather than resist to what feels painful.

Transmute the perceived harshness into tenderness, please.