In a city that is zooming and buzzing finding time and space to connect to myself has become so incredibly important. When I practice my daily rituals I am way more grounded and clear.  When I don’t (which, with an 8 month old showers are still a little tricky) I am completely off my center. I end up whittling the day away with no clear focus – other than being a mom of course.


Here are a few things I try to tune into daily:

The trick is to prioritize these even though there are countless other ways I can spend my time. The small investment in these moments really ends up paying off.  I become clear as to how to spend my time and most importantly I end up feeling good.

My mom rides horses. My friend Valerie cooks.  My husband hikes. And my grandma knits – even though she is blind! What do you do to keep yourself plugged in and grounded to yourself?