Deep healing has never been sourced from comfort.

Birth, death, trauma, loss, crisis, etc : act as a gateway into a complete new way of being, demanding our complete attention and energy to find the best ways to move forward.

To remember what practices ground us, and lean on those even more.

This is a bridge we are crossing.

We won’t be here forever, and this will be forever imprinted in our being.

Now is a time to lighten the burdens of our neighbors however we can, listen tenderly to the earth, spot divine miracles amidst the turmoil and uncertainty.

Here we get to shed all the fluff.

Cry, grieve, release what you held so tender. What you once called home. That you knew intimately. We are in a deep transition that is messy, heartbreaking, and heart expanding. I am right beside you.

Let this be the beginning of one long and never ending prayer that continues to be spun in our collective consciousness.

I see you here and in all of this.

And together we will rise, as we always do.