“Leah is a breath of warmth and love. I’m a naturally competitive person (even in yoga), but her yoga classes always make me feel easy, grounded and calm.” -Danielle van de Kemenade . Career + Life Coach 


“As a newbie I found that Leah made yoga accessible for me. Never mind that I don’t necessarily carry out the movements as one should. I always came home reenergized and ready to tackle the demands of the day. Yoga with Leah was the best treat I have given myself this summer, bar none.” – Kookie C . Pharmaceutical Bio – Technician + Food Blogger


“Attending Leah’s morning yoga class has been such a mindful and uplifting way to start my day. She has a way of teaching yoga very emphatically making you enjoy it – it is like me and Leah both were taking such good care of my body and soul.” – Inna K .  Psychologist


“Leah is one of the most genuine and gracious women I know. Her yoga classes reflect these qualities. Leah’s classes are playful yet challenging and foster a sense of grounding and connection to self. There is something for everyone – from the casual beginner to the more advanced practitioner. Off the mat, Leah is a spark of joy in the lives of others. Her creativity and love for life is contagious, and she has a natural knack for connecting with people. Leah has a wealth of knowledge related to self-care, she is always seeking to learn and grow, and she joyfully shares her wisdom. Plus, she makes the most beautiful things! I trust Leah deeply and would recommend her work to anyone seeking an authentic, intuitive, yet FUN-loving healer.”  – Reyna S. Yoga Teacher


“Session after session, I came away feeling rejuvenated, as if I’d just had the best conversation of my life. She helped me include small changes in my attitude, habits, and pushed me to pay close attention to the “primary food” in my life. Though these changes were small and subtle, when put together, they’ve completely improved my quality of life. You will not find a more grounded coach out there who’ll make you feel as unconditionally supported as Leah. She’s a brilliant, beautiful soul.”  – Alaina M . Tutor


“Leah was exactly what I needed…a kind, effervescent spirit, with an incredible knack for saying exactly what you need to hear, in the gentlest, most unassuming way. I’m so glad I’m plugged in again, and feel like I’m at a new beginning.” -Sarah A. Teacher + Choreographer + Performer


“Leah has this very gentle way of leading me in the right direction and softening into what to me might be a big obstacle. Her sincerity and kindness are helping me get on track with my needs and desires.” -Bibi L . Yoga Teacher + Health Coach


“Leah is a passionate, positive teacher who is an excellent role model for any student. She really gets to know you and gives gentle, thoughtful, down-to-earth guidance. As a long-time yoga practitioner, I love that she always takes both mind and body into account when giving advice.” -Alyssa M . Yoga Teacher


“I always look forward to yoga with Leah! Her classes are a great blend of serious zen and serious fun and are a wonderful addition to any part of the day.” – Valerie T . Writer + Editor


“Leah is a phenomanal yoga instuctor, she successfully structures class to where all levels can get an awesome workout and she continues to mix it up so you are always learning something new.  She uses a perfect balance of physical endurance & mediation so you leave class feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I had never done yoga before, only weight lifting and pilates a few times so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I learned so much from Leah about the importance of stretching and the power of synergy for your body & mind. I have enjoyed watching myself become more limber and love that I still get sore after every class!”  – Melody C . Financier