I can now see the allure of a juice cleanse.  I was expecting to feel hangry (hungry + angry) but instead I felt clear, well fed, and my actions were direct.  I had a graceful day.


By only drinking juice I was able to look at the food choices I habitually  make, and think if they were the most powerful choices I could make.  The day of juice also was like a space holder, a clearing, a way to think mindfully about what I wanted to put in my body the next day after this work.  Just like when you clean your house… you want to keep it that way as long as possible.

Probably the best part about the experience was how I woke up the next day: refreshed & alert.  The difference was this: Instead of coming home eating dinner and then a little bout of random snacking until close to bedtime.  I came home, drink cashew milk and that was it.  My body had time to digest before I went to sleep, so there wasn’t this extra energy spent digesting while I was resting.

A day is not long, but it was long enough for me, especially in the winter.  I look forward to the next cleanse, whenever that may be.  And until then I am continuing to enjoy a green juice a day.