As I get closer to birth this third baby I have experienced waves of incredible overwhelm, followed by washes of peace. I am briefly settled even with the vast unknown + uncertainty of all that is to come hovering close, and then once the tangles smooth out, a whole other collection of anxieties beckon. And this continuous ebb + flow takes me for quite a ride.

I’m needing more and more time to land, to fall into myself, to nap, to be still, to listen, and mostly to trust.

I am not late in my arrival.

I am just on time

I am excited about the idea of open space, I practice biting just enough to satiate + fulfill me.

There is more time, more days : I need not cram it all in.

I move gracefully + thoughtfully.

I cherish what is in front of me.

Deep in my bones lies an infinite well of gratitude, which I tap into daily + which fuels how I move.

I see the world from possibility.

I see the world from a lens of kindness.

I share my spirit freely + generously, which fuels me.

I honor my creativity, my heartbeat, my rhythm, my family.

I tune into my joy + what is going to resonate deep within my heart.

And I ask for guidance in all it’s forms so I can remain receptive to all the nudges.