Meet me at Nectar : 22B East Roseville Rd. Lancaster, PA to engage in monthly creative gatherings, steeped in movement and expression. Make space to fill back up again.

Save the dates for 2020 :

Sunday, April 5th : 2-4pm : RSVP here

Saturday, May 9th : DAY RETREAT

Sunday, June 7th : 2-4pm

Sunday, July 5th : 2-4pm

Sunday, August 2nd : 2-4pm

Sunday, September 6th : 2-4pm

September 25th-27th WEEKEND RETREAT

Sunday, October 4th : 2-4pm

Sunday, November 1st : 2-4pm

Sunday, December 6th : 2-4pm

*Dates are subject to change.

** Space is limited, email leahannefox@gmail.com to reserve your spot