Lead me to higher ground, to elevated thinking.

Lead me out of the smallness of my mind and into a knowing of the infinite.

Allow my mind and my days to be spacious, able to bend time.

Let a clear vision guide me, and when the vision is blurred let patience steady me.

Breath deepened.


Let me believe that there is enough time, and let me be bold enough to claim what it is I want to fill my days.

Keep me steady with my commitment and flexible in how it unfolds, surrendered to the possibility of a deep magic infusing all of it, and a remembering of my brilliance.

Help me to forgive and lighten, regardless of how many times I make the same mistake.

Offer me a glimpse of myself in the places I least expect + let success feel like a natural progression of the unveiling of my heart.

Let me feel fully expressed + in the flow.

Captivated by beauty and connected to myself, and those around me.