I have been making mini malas for the past 11 months – but really they have been in the works for years. This seed may have been planted when I started making jewelry for my friends in high school, or when I started practicing yoga and meditation. Either way, I have loved building this handmade business with roots in creative expression + mindful awareness.

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Behind the scenes it’s just me, in a little corner behind the couch in my living room. Wanting to create and make a difference. My beads are in baby food jars, bags, and boxes in an IKEA medicine cabinet and in metal tins on the window sill. I sometimes find an incredible flow and mini malas just pour out of me, other times I spend hours creating and destroying.

This year has been filled with the best kind of learning curves, and now I have a mini collection that I’m thrilled to share with you in the Charm & Magic online shop!

Have a most magical last month of the year – filled with intention and charm!!