The New York minute seems like it has been condensed to 10 seconds and I find myself eating on the go while balancing little Luca on my hip – unaware that I’m nourishing my body. This morning I slowed down for breakfast and it felt sooo good.  While I always intend to eat all meals with Yo Yo Ma playing in the background, it often isn’t reality – but just few seconds before eating a granola bar can shift your mindset [and quality of your digestion].


A mini pause will will allow you to be present with your food and feel satisfied + energized. So try something sweet before you eat:

  • take 3 breaths
  • light a candle
  • say grace
  • use beautiful dishes
  • make a toast
  • put devices away

Bonus points for sitting down with your food – away from your desk.

Oh NY – how very fast you move! I’m still marveling at your speed.