When we first moved into our apartment I went through each room of our apartment with dried sage to clear the energy.  Now I am starting to cleanse and clear the air on a regular basis.


I read this amazing post by Gala Darling and was inspired to make my own energy clearing room spray. I used an old Pangea spritz bottle, covered it in washi tape (of course), and added water + drops of lavender and tea tree oil + a splash of vodka and voila! It’s nice as it lightens the smell of the burnt sage and can be used as a quick spritz whenever you need to ‘clear the air’.

So go ahead and get your potions, candles, and dried herbs out – or whatever you need to make your space and your life super charged and super magical.

P.S. If you’d like some more ideas on home rituals… This post by Clementine Daily is great.

What rituals do you have  –  or would like to have in your sacred space?