We are in Greece right now, and this simplified way of living on the beach has got me thinking am I doing too much in my regular life?


I am a wife and a mom and even though I decided not to continue teaching, I still write blog posts, film yoga videos, and make mini-malas which all take time and energy. You can call it work even though sometimes it feels like play.

Would life be easier and more enjoyable if I simply tended to the many tasks that being a mom and a wife require and let go of my work? It’s tempting for a moment, but my work is an outlet I value. I am learning first hand that being a mom is the world’s best job, but being creative and expressing myself is also so important.

Life might be easier if I only focused on dinner and baby Luca but I wouldn’t be as satisfied.

So my wish for you is that you make whatever it is your heart wants you to make: a dance, a poem, a picture, a book… because even though you might have to juggle more to get it done, it is almost always worth it in the end. And the world needs it.