Of what was.

Deep honoring of shadows that are forever present and pleading to be welcomed and embraced.

I will infuse with tenderness the next time I am engulfed by darkness layered with unanswered questions.

I will catch the form of what is becoming.

I will allow it to come into focus, and practice patience when it becomes blurry, or hidden for periods of time.

It / (you) will be revealed.

It / (you) will be illuminated.

It / (you) will be healed.


“She asked for peace, unwavering faith, deep alignment.

You must when praying for freedom from suffering be prepared for what is hiding in shadow to be pulled open.

For it is only then, our request is able to be answered.

So the question for you my beloved is are you ready to endure being carved open by the light?”

-Sarah Blondin