Comes in many forms, and beauty is a radical act of healing for me. Both creating it, and receiving it.

I go to incredible lengths to seek it. Mostly long drives that feel like pilgrimages. Every time I arrive I feel held, I feel a sense of harmony, I hear myself exhale, sometimes tears well up, and I quietly observe everyone around me as they attempt to capture the essence of the beauty that surrounds us.

Because my spirit grows weary from the amount I hold, and I feel waves of incredible sadness roll over me. Because the tenderness of life pierces me and because most of the time I just want to be held. I need to be awash in color, in sweetness, in creativity, in the devotion it takes to keep a space divinely tended too. This medicine revitalizes me.

I suppose the next step might be : EMBODYING it and noticing it in the mundane.

Until then the places that currently spark this deep within me are : Longwood Gardens, Terrain / Anthropologie, (PA) and Prema Yoga Clinton Hill Boutique / The Barn Upstate, ABC Carpet, + Shelter Island (NY), and Italy….