It’s incredible what can happen in a year, and it is too easy to just move onto the next thing. I am all about giving extra attention anywhere I can in order to create meaning and value in my life. When I stop and look at all that has happened I feel quite powerful and confident in my ability to create whatever it is I want next.


Hiking with Luca up to San Luca

Hiking with Luca up to San Luca

Here are some gems of 2014.

  • I became a mom to a most incredible being, Luca.
  • I listened to my dreams and desires to make things and be creative and began Charm & Magic.
  • We moved to Germany and made amazing, heart centered friends that I miss daily.
  • We went back to Bologna, Italy and ate at some of our favorite restaurants.
  • I hosted a summer yoga series in the park around the corner from our house in Frankfurt.
  • We moved back to Brooklyn and I get to see my grandparents quite often.
  • I am connecting and reconnecting with a most inspiring community here in NYC.
sending mini malas on their way

sending mini malas on their way

Now it’s you’re turn. Write it down. Leave space for this list grow. Let it be ongoing as you remember all you have accomplished and experienced this past year. Start from the beginning, let it be jumbled, circle back to whatever seems important.

If you want to take it a step further and think about what is next, I highly recommend this free workbook from Alexandra Franzen, who rocks my world with everything she shares and writes.

Then get ready to receive – (here is a mini meditation I made for you + the new year)