When I began Charm & Magic I knew I wanted to be able to support a meaningful cause, but since I am still in the ‘investment phase’ I felt like I couldn’t really give financially at this point.

A few months ago I met an amazing new friend, Eileen, who spent two years living in Africa and is returning to Kenya to take a group of girls, now known as the Girls on Fire, on a leadership camp. Her mission is incredible and her strength and determination to make a difference was so inspiring I really wanted to support this project in some way. So while Eileen was raising money, I was making 19 mini malas for the girls who are about to embark on this life altering journey.


By the time I finished designing + making + packaging these gifts I was completely depleted – but in the very best of ways, and I was reminded how incredibly rewarding it is to give from the heart.

And so I am thrilled that in 2015 Charm & Magic will have the opportunity to partner with The Human Plant Project, an organization offering yoga to underserved communities in NYC! More on that to come.

So I’d like to leave you with two things:

#1. Know that when you purchase a Charm & Magic mini mala you are also supporting these growing organizations.

#2. If you are feeling tight on money this holiday season and still want to give beautiful, meaningful gifts – remember the best ones come from the heart (as corny as that sounds – it’s true!) – you can always make something, bake something, write something, record something, organize something… in a way that only you can do.

Happy Giving!