“Style is a way to show who you are without having to speak.” -Rachel Zoe


I recently came across personal stylist, Hilary Rushford, (on Instagram of course) who is transforming the way I get dressed.  Her month long style challenges include prompts that have turned getting dressed into a fun and creative process.


I have come up with outfits I would have never thought of otherwise.  The other day I was doing the usual putting on and taking off shirts until I looked at the challenge for the day : ‘(owned for) the last 5 years’.  I ended up putting on a dress (usually reserved for weddings) over black pants and felt fabulous on a regular old Tuesday.


(Luca liked my outfit too!)

So for any of you who are like me and want to : pull out your hair / go shopping / melt into a puddle when it is time to get dressed – here is more information about the challenge – and you don’t have to be on Instagram to play.  Hilary also has a series of lovely content rich videos that are slowly shifting the way I view my wardrobe and turning me into a mini fashionista!

Go ahead and express yourself beautifully every morning you get dressed!