Working on my own projects while being a mom (without child care) requires tremendous flexibility, creativity, and mobility.  I do my best to use Luca’s naps to get my things done – not the dishes and laundry – and I love being able to pop into my rotation of cafes for a change of scenery and a cup of coffee.

So if you are looking for a break in Frankfurt – here are some of my favorites – pretty much all of them are in the Nordend area and they all have outdoor seating.


In no particular order…

  • Cafe Caramel  (best soft boiled eggs in town!)
  • The Cafe in the Holzhausen Park (one of my favorite parts about living close to the park)
  • Kaffemacherei (the barrista makes the most beautiful cappuccino – see above photo)
  • Strandcafe (has a nice quiet outdoor seating area)
  • Tia Emma (close to the Zeil – sells washi tape and other amazingly cute things)
  • Glaburg Cafe (I just love this place – has an amazing brunch as well)
  • Espresso Bar (super cozy)
  • Matilda’s Kitchen (sweet tea cups and cookbook – in Westend)

There are still many I haven’t been to yet, and I’m trying to cope with the fact that I may not get to them all before it’s time to go.  Until then I will be practicing pretty much the only german phrase I know: “Ich mochte ein cappuccino” and then pray they don’t ask me anything else.