2012 was the year I took ownership of my health, and it all started with having a health coach. After three months of working with my dear friend, Alaina Muckell, I transformed the way I view food. Alaina is an incredible inspiration, she may be slight in stature but she is a powerhouse.

I asked her to share a little about who she is in her rawest form, what she is up to, and some things she loves.

Here is what she had to say:

I’m here to move people in a positive direction… to help create a vibrant community of educated women who realize they have a say in the future of their bodies. I’m here to help women take control of their lives by education. I’m here to shout from the rooftops that disease doesn’t just happen, as a lightning bolt would strike only the unlucky. I’m here to inspire and to educate. I’m here to help women discover that there’s no ceiling for helping themselves.

Right now, I’m really loving homemade dance parties as a form of exercise. I’m really focused on the thought of living an authentic life, where you shed the things that hold you back, and create new paths that make sense to your heart and intuition. I’m embracing the fact that you must listen to your body and forgive yourself. Also, I love December because it’s pomegranate season. I’m devouring those little red jewels by the fistful!

Find more about what she is up to: www.believerinfood.com

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