I make mini malas – a necklace strung with 108 beads and a unique charm. They are a playful spin on the traditional japa mala, which is used for meditation and prayer. They are smaller, and might be slightly more fashionable than they are functional. They are asymmetrical. They are handmade.

These mini malas have become a physical representation of my love for yoga + spirituality and my desire to express myself and make things. I create these necklaces as a tool for people to be able to connect with themselves in a world that is moving so incredibly fast.


Lately, I have been unearthing a lot of questions and I am craving answers regarding my business and my general life purpose… you know the usual. I wonder how I want these mini malas to live in this world – in the most meaningful way possible.

I wonder…

  • How can these mini malas add the most value in people’s lives?
  • How can they be packaged beautifully, functionally, and eco-conciously? 
  • Where can they be so the people who would love them most will find them.  

If you have ANY insights, any questions of your own, or anything else that comes to mind I’d LOVE to hear from you. Like really love it. And if you’d like to see if anything catches your eye in my online shop – you can click here.

So I will be sitting here with uncertainty, waiting for answers to reveal themselves and continuing to wish that these mini malas support people to find peace and presence within their days. Thanks so much for reading and sharing whatever thoughts you might have!