I once had a blog that I told six people about and lasted all of four entries, and a little over a month.  I am approaching this blog in a different way – in a bigger way – even if I am a little scared of what it will look like, what it will be like, and if anyone will even read it.  I realize that as wondrous as I want this blog to be – beautifully crafted, with stunning photos and original artwork – I may just  have to jump in with what I have, or else a blog may be something that lingers on my “wouldn’t it be nice if…” lists.  Just have to make it happen.

My intention for this online space is for it to be a place where musings on the art of living come into existence, gathering ideas and resources that help to create a super healthy and satisfying life.  My interests in mindfulness, personal growth, yoga, dance, kids, healthy food, teaching, and dreaming big, will certainly shine through.  Beautiful photos, powerful quotes, awesome videos, and funny jokes will also make an appearance … whatever I can find to inspire and motivate myself and then be able to serve others.

So this is me jumping in, and although its appearance is not as refined as I would have liked, I am happy that this now exists.  Like anything else, it will evolve and grow into its complete form with time and care.