Doodle Day * 5

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“So it dawned upon me how important it is to be a creative. Because it means you have within you infinite capacity to experiment. You are unafraid to go somewhere new because you are creating a new thought process about your own creativity. You know that if you stop and no longer challenge yourself, you cease to be creative. You become still, silent, and the bow no longer connect with the strings and music is not made. And you do not exist. You show you do not have the courage to exist. Creativity is courage. The world needs more fearless people that can influence all disciplines to challenge their very existence. Creativity is reflection aimed not at yourself, but at the world around you.”  – John Maeda

Click on the picture below for a printable doodle coloring sheet drawn by the ever so talented Ryann McMahon.

2014-07-15 18.38-2
For more printable doodle sheets click here + here and share using: #doodlesbyryann .

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Dearest Body of Mine,

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I Promise To:

  • Honor you as the temple of my soul
  • Offer you healthy foods and drinks
  • Realize that you deserve to be healthy
  • Overcome the addictions that hurt you
  • Love and appreciate you for what you do
  • Accept that I have the power to heal you
  • Adorn you with nice, comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Realize that laughter, play, and rest help you feel good
  • Exercise regularly and appropriately for my body type
  • Accept you and be grateful for you just the way you are
  • Listen to messages you are sending me when you are hurt or sick
  • Understand my unexpressed emotions and thoughts effect you


Me   xoxo


I am grateful my health coach shared this letter with me.  I posted it on the fridge and read it every day.  I enrolled at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and became a health coach.  I share this poem with my clients and I do my best to create a sweet connection to myself daily.

What words guide you?

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Claim It

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What are you ready for?

Imagine you could experience anything you wish – with out getting caught up in what seems possible or worrying about how it could get done. Give yourself a moment to full on dream. Then write it, draw it, collage it, make it as simple or detailed as you’d like.


Get your journal, a post it note, or an app open and make a list with your wishes and see what happens.  Let me know what you are ready for!  I’m ready for some space + connection + fluid focus.  I’m also so grateful for The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte that gave me permission to tune into my desires and what I really want.

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Moving (again)

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We are back home and I am fumbling like whoa!

It took me 3 days to get used to the keys to our apartment and I’m still shocked by how noisy and crowded things are. The chocolate tastes different, the Park Slope Food Coop is the same, and everything seems bigger : our coffee cups, the grains of salt, our car, the TV…pretty much everything but our apartment – which feels small, cramped, and slightly outdated.


I have been on a rampage – fiercely tossing things and rearranging things to get my physical space ready for this new chapter. It is slowly beginning to feel like we never left – but Frankfurt will always have a huge space in my heart.

Now to begin again – to find my rhythm here with an 8 month old.  I did it before and I will do it again.

“Life is such a miracle, and a lot of the time we feel only resentment about how it’s all working out for us.” – Pema Chodron

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Three Slices of Frankfurt Living…

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That I want to incorporate in Brooklyn life.



  • Fresh Flowers : There are flower shops on nearly every corner and the flowers are cheap! So it was a no brainer to have fresh flowers in our apartment every week.  It is such a small thing, but it makes a big difference – especially when there are big tall sunflowers peeking at you.  And I love arranging a few flowers in tiny vases around the apartment, they become little surprises waiting to be found.
  • Baths (on the regular) : I don’t know why it took me so long to catch on, but baths are freaking amazing! It took one long car ride with Luca screaming and crying the whole way for me to discover the power of a bath. My nerves needed calming – so I got in and soaked, and wow.  They are now a part of my weekly routine! I normally leave laughing or giggling, feeling way lighter than when I got in. I have since added bubbles, rose petals, a candle, and / or some calming music to make it even more luxurious.
  • A Cleaning Lady – Our rent included a wonderful cleaning lady who came every other Thursday morning. What a game changer. I would never feel justified in spending the money for this service on my own… but man is it worth it! Our apartment glistened and I could spend my time doing what I wanted to do – rather than dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning the bathroom.

These things were easy to have here – so the trick will be to bring them back or reformat them so they can make Brooklyn life just as spacious and light as it has been living here in Frankfurt.

I’d love to know what little things make a big difference in your days.



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Doodle Day * 4

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Happy full moon! Use this day to notice everything that is awesome in your life.

Have a mini ceremony, eat some raw chocolate, and then color to your hearts content.  Click on the picture below for a printable PDF version (hand drawn by the talented Ryann) and get lost filling in the intricate spaces with whatever colors you’d like as you imagine what you’d like next in your life.


For more printable doodle sheets click here.  And if you want to share – #doodlesbyryann .

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