How to Create an Altar : Part 2

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Once you have found a space, start to gather and arrange meaningful objects on your altar. Chose things that inspire you and lift you up.


Here are some options to get you started :

  • A symbol of something that helps you feel guided and protected : Maybe it’s a statue or picture of a god, goddess, angel, saint, etc..  I have Mother Mary, Ganesh, and Shiva sprinkled on my altar.
  • Pictures of loved ones that perhaps you don’t get to see anymore but feel a strong connection to. I have a picture of my grandma.
  • Candles: Something light + bright that can symbolize your desires burning and forming into this world. I love my magic hour candle.
  • A little bowl of water for fluidity and nourishment.
  • Plants to purify, ground you, and watch grow. I love my air plants & succulents and although they aren’t on my altar, they are close by.
  • Elements from nature : leaves, branches, flowers, fruits, rocks, shells, etc.
  • Crystals : for added magic.
  • Mala beads : to use for meditation or charge with positivity.
  • Dried sage : To clear your space.


Here are some items you can keep nearby :

  • Journal : help you connect to yourself
  • Inspiring book : some of my favorites
  • A meditation shawl : to keep you cozy
  • Deck of intuitive cards : to play with and receive guidance from
  • Your yoga mat /meditation cusion : to create a comfortable seat
  • Essential oils : to energize and refresh

Whatever you decide to collect will be something that is in constant flux. This is what my altar looked like when we were living in Germany, and now it quite a bit different, but still feels right. So give yourself permission to let it evolve. And I can’t wait to hear what special things you gather!!

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How to Create an Altar : Part 1

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“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again.” – Joseph Campbell 

I love altars. They are grounding and magical. I sit in front of mine every morning and the physical arrangement helps me to mindfully arrange my internal space. I did a series on altars in the spring that began with this post – but I wanted to revisit, because, well… I love altars.


So first thing is first… Locate a space. Begin by finding a little are that will work for you now. You can always change your mind, and you can create many in your office and home.

Here are some ideas:

  • Your night table
  • A corner on the floor
  • A windowsill
  • A little table
  • A shelf (or part of one)
  • A corner of your desk
  • On your mantle
  • On top of your dresser
  • Hanging from the ceiling or wall
  • A 2 dimensional one on your computer, ipad, smart phone case…
  • In a box
  • In your car
  • On a kitchen counter
  • Inside a drawer

You can meditate, journal, feel supported and guided, or remind yourself to be present in front of your altar. The options are endless, so do what feels right and commit to one.

Let me know where you decide to clear some space and stay tuned for some ideas of what you can lovingly arrange on them. And here is a pintrest board you can use to guide you towards locating your very own space.


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Commit to Gratitude

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I spend a lot of time thinking about what I want : goals, intentions, dream case scenarios, taking time to manifest with the moon… And I truly believe the act of dreaming is wonderful, but if it is not balanced with a heavy dose of appreciation for what is right now – it can be dangerous.  And I speak from experience.

Gratitude is a practice that I am constantly recommitting to. It’s not a revolutionary idea – but powerful shifts can occur when it is practiced daily. Because what you focus on expands.

It is easy to spend a micro-second on the awesome and many, many seconds (minutes, days…) on the not so awesome. Gratitude requires fierce dedication and a willingness to see the light.


small things : twinkle lights + a mini mala

So this is an invitation to pause and notice the mini things : the nice comments, the small interactions, seeing your favorite color, or time on the clock, good meals had, tears of relief cried… An invitation to write it down, be specific, and let yourself be filled up by all the good that exists in your life.

If you need inspiration, I love how my friend Danielle creates Bliss Lists, my mood improves simply by reading them. This post from the archives gives you some ideas on where to keep a gratitude list. And this mini meditation on gratitude will help you locate the beautiful small things.

Commit to gratitude daily. I will be here doing the same.

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What Are You Ready To Create?

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“Creativity comes from stillness. At the moment between the inhale and exhale of breath, you are between formless and form. In that moment of stillness you can create.” -Yogi Bhajan 

What are you ready to create?

I ask this question often since the answer is constantly evolving. 

Right now I am ready to create trust in myself and believe in my worth. I am ready to unapologetically share my mini malas. I am ready to create magical yoga classes that celebrate something bigger than just the poses. I’m ready to create more time to play with Luca and less time multitasking. I’m ready to create juicy gatherings with amazing food.



What are you ready to create?

Here are some ideas to help you get clear:

  • Free write. This is so healing! Just get a piece of paper, write the question at the top, write without judgment, and see what comes up.
  • Listen to this meditation and find a moment of stillness to let your answers crystallize for you.
  • Create a custom mini mala to represent what it is you are ready to call into your life. Or find one that you love here. 
  • Start reading a new book that fills you up.

It may take some time to fully create what you are wanting most, so be sure to trust wildly in the meantime.

I will be doing my best to take my own advice.

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The Muck of Meditation

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I’ve been doing a morning meditation (on and off) ever since college. It is now a non-negotiable part of my morning routine.

Connecting with myself – for even just 3 minutes – before the day begins in full force, has been so ridiculously healing, grounding, and powerful. Yet even though I have some moments of amazing clarity, peace, and calm, I still catch myself loosing my patience before I even roll up my yoga mat and wondering:

Is this working?

Am I doing it right?

This is stupid.

This is hard.

There are so many other things I could be doing right now.

I haven’t even stopped thinking for a millisecond…


And if I’m lucky I find my way back to the breath and I remember that these thoughts are all completely normal, expected, a part of the journey.

There is muck, but there is also SO much light. There are times where great ideas just float into my mind and there is an amazing sense of alignment, that wouldn’t have arrived without a pause. Then there are others filled with doubt and worry.

It is a practice that is getting juicer and deeper, and I continue to show up every morning because it just makes me a better human being.

I made a mini meditation for you here : A moment to connect to your vision and then let it go and rest in the breath. Which is especially great to do on the new moon.


Start where you are.

Commit to a practice, and expect the doubts to come tumbling in. 

Receive them, just as you are, and keep going.


Let me know if you have any questions about meditation, or if I can help you in anyway as you begin or refreshen your practice.

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I Love You When

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I love you when you compare, when you judge, and when you think you are less than.

I love you when you doubt your worth and your value.

I love you when you are eating one last cookie, and checking your email one last time right before bed.

I love you when you fail.

I love you when you worry.

I love you when you think you can’t.

I love you when you are scared to be you.

I love you when you believe your limiting beliefs.

Because those are the times I can practice compassion and forgiveness towards you and do my best to send nothing but love.

I love you, I forgive you, I release you.


When can you give yourself the opportunity to love? I’d love to hear.


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