If I Could Do Better :

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I would.

I am not the woman I was before I had children, so I should not expect to behave + act like her. Although some habits she had seem dreamy and ideal right now, I don’t have the capacity to withhold them, or perhaps the desire. Maybe one day I will. But in this current season there are more demands on my time and energy, as I continuously navigate ways in which to make the best choices for myself and everyone involved.

I have to trust, if I could do better I would.

I have to trust in the wisdom of time unfolding.

I realize I also can monitor my thoughts for what they are : Truth? or Excuse?

Sometimes they both exist on a very fine line, blending into another. So, if I find myself following the path of an excuse, I have to trust that if I could have done better, chose differently, well – I would have.

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Choose to Believe

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The not knowing is OK.

The unraveling is celebrated.

The repatterining applauded.

You need not be afraid of the vacant spaces.

You need not feel fraudulent if there are pockets of space for you to breathe, contrary to your beliefs that it all should be filled to the brim. You need space in order to feel your soul + who you are underneath, behind, within it all.

You can flounder a bit.

You can question a lot.

You can worry with fury, or you can choose to believe.

You can rest your mind within an active body.

You need not expect a thing because you have all you seek.

You need not strive, because you are thriving : and it is your job to realize all the ways you are soaring.


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Letting Vision Seep Through

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Calling in :





I make art for the practice, not weighted by pressure. I stand in my power. I complete projects at hand.

I stay focused on my self + my family, rather than looking beyond for what I am searching for within.

I am intentional. I call in support.

Steeped in love. Grounded in heart. Elevated by vision.

Patience in laying the groundwork, honoring the unfolding.


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What If :

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Healing thought patterns with the possibility of : What If?

What if the universe is conspiring with me and believing in me?

What if I am wired to succeed and to realize my dreams?

What if I already have?

What if I am truly connected to all?

What if it was easy?

What if I honor my body with movement + self care?

What if I connect to my spirit before I get busy crossing things off the list?

What if I am programmed to receive?

What if I choose thoughts of elevation rather than destruction?

What if I leaned on something greater?

What if I was patient?

What if?



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Natural Progression

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Lead me to higher ground, to elevated thinking.

Lead me out of the smallness of my mind and into a knowing of the infinite.

Allow my mind and my days to be spacious, able to bend time.

Let a clear vision guide me, and when the vision is blurred let patience steady me.

Breath deepened.


Let me believe that there is enough time, and let me be bold enough to claim what it is I want to fill my days.

Keep me steady with my commitment and flexible in how it unfolds, surrendered to the possibility of a deep magic infusing all of it, and a remembering of my brilliance.

Help me to forgive and lighten, regardless of how many times I make the same mistake.

Offer me a glimpse of myself in the places I least expect + let success feel like a natural progression of the unveiling of my heart.

Let me feel fully expressed + in the flow.

Captivated by beauty and connected to myself, and those around me.

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