‘Weird’ Things That Keep Me ‘Normal’

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I do yoga, meditate, chant, make vision boards, have an altar, wear a mini mala, and journal to stay connected to myself. Some of them are ‘weird’ others are ‘normal’ but they all ground me when I feel scattered, frustrated, or discouraged. I am loving this new practice I learned from Gabrielle Bernstein,.


Connecting to your guides through writing can be so powerful. I tried this one morning when I was feeling particularly down and it lifted me right up. I go back to it now whenever I need extra guidance. I talk with my grandma and she always shares gems of wisdom with me. This may be categorized in the ‘weird’ section. But it’s so worth it.

What do you do to bring yourself back home to you?

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Juggling Act

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We are in Greece right now, and this simplified way of living on the beach has got me thinking am I doing too much in my regular life?


I am a wife and a mom and even though I decided not to continue teaching, I still write blog posts, film yoga videos, and make mini-malas which all take time and energy. You can call it work even though sometimes it feels like play.

Would life be easier and more enjoyable if I simply tended to the many tasks that being a mom and a wife require and let go of my work? It’s tempting for a moment, but my work is an outlet I value. I am learning first hand that being a mom is the world’s best job, but being creative and expressing myself is also so important.

Life might be easier if I only focused on dinner and baby Luca but I wouldn’t be as satisfied.

So my wish for you is that you make whatever it is your heart wants you to make: a dance, a poem, a picture, a book… because even though you might have to juggle more to get it done, it is almost always worth it in the end. And the world needs it.

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The Sugary Low Down

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I think I was trying to beat the system.  I wanted to find a healthy sugar alternative that wouldn’t make me feel bad about eating 5 chocolate chip cookies made with sucanat instead of refined white sugar.  But as Dr. Frank Lipman says in this article, “There’s no such thing as a “healthy” sugar. Sugar is sugar, whether it’s “organic,” or “unrefined,” or “all-natural,” or “raw,” or agave syrup.”

Aw man.  OK, I will work on accepting that, but I probably will still eat chocolate chip cookies made with sucanat instead of white sugar or brown sugar and purchase less processed sugars like:


Sucanat: stands for SUgar CAne NATural… who would have known?  It is dried sugar cane.  The sugar cane juice is heated and then cooled which forms crystals.  This process keeps the molasses intact which has the trace vitamins and minerals.

When I initially set out on this research project, I imagined a beautiful presentation of everything you need to know about a variety of sugars.  As the universe would have it, what I imagined creating just entered the world wide web.  So I am going to stop here and share this super awesome resource on everything you need to know about sugar.  It is a must read.  Seriously!

Thank you Jeanne for sending this my way.


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Brown Sugar

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I am continuing my detective work on how different types of sugars are made and if there is one better than the rest. Here is what I discovered with refined white sugar.  Now for –

Brown Sugar:

A little part of me always thought I was doing myself a favor baking with brown sugar rather than white.  I’m not alone, this NY Times article echoes that same sentiment.  But in reality brown sugar is pretty much just white sugar mixed with molasses.

Molasses is a by product of the sugar cane juice, and has vitamins and minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin A.  I was excited when I read that, until I realized it is really just a smidge of nutritents in the grand scheme of things.

This is no real surprise.  Sugar isn’t kale.  But now I know how it is processed, and I’m most interested finding out how my food is made.


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