Be Seen

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I used to get stuck when I wanted to express an idea.  I didn’t know where to share it (Facebook / Instagram / blog post…) or if it was even worth sharing – so I mostly kept it to myself.  But I am figuring out that when I am able to fully express myself I feel super fulfilled and happy.  It’s tricky because I have all these personas: new mom, expat, health coach, yoga teacher, mini mala maker, etc. and I want to share really meaningful things without being self-promotiony or preachy.

Through working with my coach Jeanne, and taking this Personal Branding E-course by Braid Creative – I realize that when I am creative, when I am making things, wrapping packages, using hot pink or washi tape – I feel fulfilled.  I still may overstep my boundaries on Facebook and Instagram, but maybe I will figure it out one day. I’m trusting myself more and saying what I want to say (most of the time) – and that feels really good.


playing with stamps and mini mantra cards.

The point is (I am going to preach now): it’s important to express yourself. To be seen, to be heard.  Whether it is through the pictures you take, the stories you write, the letters you send, the crafts you make or the clothes you wear – you will leave your mark on the world in a way that only you can.

So go forth and express yourself freely!!  Would love to hear how you do it.

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Words that Sparkle

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Words have such power and most of the time I use them habitually, so I like to insert some magical mantras to add a bit of sparkle to my life.

Mantras are a sweet collection of uplifting words that help to settle the mind. I consciously select a powerful arrangement when I am stuck in the muck or have a moment to unwind. You can create one specifically for how you want to feel or experience.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 5.28.13 PMHere are a few of my favorites:

I am enough.    

I am a powerful, playful, expressive goddess (!)

Life is easy & light.

When I want to feel extra magical and grounded I chant a sanskrit mantra: Ek Ong Kar Sat Guru Prasad  I sing along to this version in a bubble bath.

One day I’d like to make a mini mantra deck – written in hot pink.

I’d LOVE to hear what mantra keeps you grounded.

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Change the Conversation

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Lately being a mom has felt super hard, heavy, and challenging.  I told  anyone who would listen:

“I don’t know what to do.  It’s impossible to get him to sleep.  I have no time for me.  He is moving all over the place. He fell off the bed (!).  I’m such a terrible mom.”  

On and on I went.  This language and way of thinking really just made things harder and heavier.


So I am changing it up so it feels lighter and more graceful:

“Being a mom is awesome (because it really is).  He is forming a new sleeping rhythm that I am figuring out. I consciously make time for me.  He is growing, creeping, and exploring constantly.   I am doing my very best.”

I need to vent sometimes, but it reaches a point where I am just deepening the groove of whatever message I am saying and choosing to believe.  Words have tremendous power.  Change the conversation you are having with yourself and others and you will change your reality.

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Mini Yoga Flow *7

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Grab a belt or a scarf and create 5 minutes for yourself to lengthen + extend + receive.  Super sweet to do at the end of the day.

Want more? Visit the collection here.

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Knotted Therapy

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I needed a time out yesterday. When I got 20 minutes just for me I listened to an interview with Elena Brower, who I simply adore, and got lost making knots with beautiful colors forming neat little rows of  l v l s.


I can’t believe it took me over a decade to remember how much I loved making friendship bracelets. This site helped me remember what I knew long ago.

After my mini time out I felt less overwhelmed and frustrated and now I have an awesome bracelet in the making.  Plus drinking my favorite beer also helped.

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