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It feels like a sacred act to witness the leaves falling.

It feels like a secret initiation to behold the changing of colors. With leaves on top blushing red, while the bottom leaves remain green and all the other shades are represented in the in between. This becomes a testament, a visual representation, a reflection of the process of change.

The reason it feels like such a gift, is that most change is imperceivable. Something we rarely get to visually see, until we are on the side of whatever it is. Normally one cannot view the evolution, for it is subtle and elusive.

We cannot see a child grow day to day.

We cannot see a loved one age day to day.

There are so many things we are blind to in the immediate, in the slow graceful shifting of change.

The leaves are slow and graceful in their shift, and yet they linger long enough so we can absorb their beauty, so we can prepare for what is to come next.

Now many trees are bare, with a skirt of leaves hugging the roots, assisting in the next part of the trees life and transformation. 

And we all wait, for what is to come next.

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Dear Leah,

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Thank you for honoring me.

Thank you for being with me.

Thank you for noticing me.

Thank you for accepting me as I am. Please begin to love me now, as I am.

I am here, with you, for you, your faithful servant.

I ask you to be gentle with me.

Lower your expectations of all you think you need to do, my sweet.

You just need to be aligned and synched up with me my dear.

Yield and harmony will flow.

Slow and you will soar.

Tend and befriend my dear, meet me here.

Meet the moment with tenderness.

Soften to allow.

And all is yours.


Your body

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I feel like I am on the edge of a cliff and I have to jump and I have no idea if there will be a net there. This place feels familiar, but this time it feels much higher, more is at stake.

Yesterday, the gusting winds reminded me of change, which feels desperate at this point.

Today, there was something special about the light streaming into our kitchen. It was flickering, not still and steady. It was in conversation with the leaves outside that were dancing in the wind.

This light reminds me of the forever shifting that is life, and I pray we find ourselves in the light at the end of this election : after being in the shadow of America these last years.

I am praying for justice to be restored, and the awareness that if in fact it is, or isn’t, the work doesn’t stop here, and never will.

I am using my vote to take a stand to address and eventually dissolve systemic racism, admit there is climate change and take the steps necessary to heal this earth, support refugees seeking asylum here, amongst many other things : in addition of honoring the basic principals I value : kindness and honesty.

And so it is.

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Dear Perfection,

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I release your grip.

I will make it “ugly” because I can, because it doesn’t mean anything.

You are something I was force fed that I came to equate my self worth.

No longer.

Instead I will practice the simplicity of being me.

I will notice when I am not creating as a means of avoidance of the inevitable mistakes. 

I will celebrate the mess.

I will begin without knowing what will it look like.

I will take comfort in the fact that there will be another iteration, there always is.

When the uncomfortable feelings arise : may I be brave enough to meet them and feel them with a sense of tenderness and then relish in the space that opens up.

And when I forget all of this, in your perfect way may you turn me back to the divine.        


These words were inspired by this month’s Heartistry : a creative circle with beyond spectacular women. Join the next one : Sunday, November 22 @3pm EST : on zoom and FREE : Sign up here.

This topic has been a through line in my being and my work, and I’ve written about it in various forms here.

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Beautiful Day

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I ask you how do I enjoy you, rather squander the hours in vain for the sake of productivity so I can “be” someone? Can I just be?

Can you teach me to sit and listen to the water babble in the creek?

When my instinct is to flitter to the next thing for the sake of acquiring, can you be with me here like Mary Oliver was : witnessing the world around her, with all her senses open and aware. Her form of prayer.

May my prayer be a form of celebration, a tender a noticing, an open questioning.

Remind me nothing in life is that important; and little is just as important as big.

So my dear you don’t have to squeeze anything out, you may take your time.

I will say the same thing with a different combination of words until my cells get it. Like this version : Inherit Value.

May your cells register what they are yearning to receive.

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