My friend credited her passing of a very important test to her mini mala and the luck it brings.

Another friend was devastated when she had to take her charm & magic bracelet off in order to take her very important test. She couldn’t bear to part with it, as the beads around her wrist became a part of who she was – they went everywhere with her. The next time she took the test she hid her bracelet in her sock and did wonderfully!

Isn’t it funny the meaning we pair with objects?


I’ve always had little trinkets and jewels that became so heavily layered with meaning – and I still do. These symbols make me feel safe and supported, especially in challenging times. Right now they consist of 4 bracelets I made that remind me of my creativity + expressivity, my grandma’s locket that I wear when I want to feel connected to her, and my mala beads that I use to when I want to feel grounded or when I want to practice gratitude in a grand way.

Both of my friends really passed their tests because of their incredible brains, and I can feel creative, connected, grounded, and grateful without any of my jewels… but a little extra magic certainly doesn’t hurt.

Would LOVE to hear about the special items you don’t leave home without and cherish like they are made of gold. Leave in the comments below! SO nice to hear different ideas.