I made you this mini worksheet to help you celebrate and set an intention for a new moon.


It’s a powerful time to align ourselves with the energy of the moon and set clear intentions, start new projects, and plant conscious seeds of what you are wanting. Farmers used this time to plant new seeds to line up with this dark phase of the moon before it begins to shine and move towards full. You can ask yourself what you are ready to create, and then begin, maybe even by creating a moon board.

Consider matching your intention with a physical object that you interact with every day. It can be something you already have, or it can be something new – as long as you lay your intention over and under it to support you as you move through an onwards on your path.

A mini mala that hangs close to your heart can be a potent + sweet reminder of your intention and greater vision.

And if you are wondering what a mini mala is in the first place….

It is a playful version of the traditional japa mala that is used for meditation + prayer. The necklaces are made with 108 beads and are each unique + expressive.

And here is the new moon worksheet again. Super simple + super sweet.

So happy new moon to you all! May you plant seeds that satisfy your soul and water them lovingly. Can’t wait to hear what begins to sprout.