Lately my desire to make things has heightened.

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It’s so strong that when I don’t have any time to create anything I become irritable + unpleasant.

Making things has become my medicine. Some things I make are great, others are not. But the time I spend in my Charm & Magic headquarters leaves me feeling balanced and whole, and I’ve had the incredible gift of dedicating consistent time to my work.

I also listened to Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert (READ IT!) which propelled me even further into honoring this intense desire to create. I felt (and still feel) that if I didn’t express myself creatively – I didn’t feel fully alive, and I don’t like that feeling.

So that has all lead to this new Charm & Magic collection : elegant, playful + mystical – to help ground and guide you as you connect to yourself.

Visit the shop here and see if anything catches your eye.

May you find your own unique ways to express yourself + make something beautiful. Coloring is a wonderful place to begin.