I’ve been doing a morning meditation (on and off) ever since college. It is now a non-negotiable part of my morning routine.

Connecting with myself – for even just 3 minutes – before the day begins in full force, has been so ridiculously healing, grounding, and powerful. Yet even though I have some moments of amazing clarity, peace, and calm, I still catch myself loosing my patience before I even roll up my yoga mat and wondering:

Is this working?

Am I doing it right?

This is stupid.

This is hard.

There are so many other things I could be doing right now.

I haven’t even stopped thinking for a millisecond…


And if I’m lucky I find my way back to the breath and I remember that these thoughts are all completely normal, expected, a part of the journey.

There is muck, but there is also SO much light. There are times where great ideas just float into my mind and there is an amazing sense of alignment, that wouldn’t have arrived without a pause. Then there are others filled with doubt and worry.

It is a practice that is getting juicer and deeper, and I continue to show up every morning because it just makes me a better human being.

I made a mini meditation for you here : A moment to connect to your vision and then let it go and rest in the breath. Which is especially great to do on the new moon.


Start where you are.

Commit to a practice, and expect the doubts to come tumbling in. 

Receive them, just as you are, and keep going.


Let me know if you have any questions about meditation, or if I can help you in anyway as you begin or refreshen your practice.