We are officially in the season of light and get to enjoy one extra minute of daylight each day. It’s a  gorgeous time to leave behind what we no longer need in the darkness. Especially as we soon welcome the new year.


I find I am fully able to release when I forgive.

So I sat with my journal (a current treasured morning ritual) and forgave myself for all the times :

I compared + despaired + sat in judgement // For when I felt like I had to prove something + put the pressure on in all the wrong ways // For when I didn’t know how to focus, and wasted my energy on silly, draining things.

So then I could confidently release:

The constant doubt of my worth + value // The need to seek external validation // The habit of shrinking to maintain the illusion of safety // Indulging in unsatisfying distractions // GUILT – especially all things mom related.

And of course like everything… the release will be a work in progress. And I will forgive myself when I see myself in the same old pattern, I’m ready to move on from.

An Invitation : Think about some habits / patterns / illusions that you are ready to leave in the darkness, and truly forgive yourself for the time that you have spent entertaining whatever it is. Then boldly declare that you are finished – so that you can create space for what you’d like to invite in next.

A pen + paper will help this process along, and lighting a candle can never hurt.