Your intuition is what guides you in the right direction. Everyone has access to it, you just have to cultivate it lovingly and consistently. Here are a few ways you can strengthen your connection to yourself so that you can step into your intuitive flow.


1. Realize you have it, and flat out own it.

2. Make quiet time for just yourself daily – if only for a minute.

3. Journal: ask big questions, and let your intuition write you the answers – you will be surprised with how much you already know.

4. Meditate. Perhaps the most important thing you could do to strengthen this muscle. Return to the breath and let everything else fall away.

5. MOVE : do yoga, run, swim, spin, walk, dance – whatever gets you into your body and out of your mind. Motion is potion.

6. Do something you love : a favorite hobby, make a delicious meal, color, play with your kids, whatever you helps you feel in the flow. Do that as often as possible.

7. Honor the moon.

8. Pray.

9. Supercharge this connection by pairing it with a mini mala – or any other symbolic item you have in your presence as a visual reminder.


When I am conscious about the information I am taking in from the external world, and reverent towards my internal guide – a lot ends up opening and flowing, which feels really good.

What do you do to find that connection to your intuition? I’d LOVE to hear!