This past Pop Up Full Moon Yoga class concluded with a  craft. Inspired by Ruby Warrington and this post she wrote on The Numinous – we finished our calming moon salutations and started making prayer arrows.


After savasana we transitioned into writing a note of gratitude on a piece of brown tissue paper, and then scribed a prayer, a wish, or an intention for ourselves, someone else, or this world. We chose a branch (that was sourced locally from Prospect Park :) ) and wrapped the note around the twig, secured it with washi tape and colorful thread, and then added feathers, flowers, and fresh rosemary as adornments. 

The best part was seeing how incredibly unique and gorgeous everyone made their own arrows. Now they exist as a way to shoot the prayer or wish out into this world. A lovely symbol + gift.

You can make your own prayer arrow anytime you’d like to send a conscious thought into the universe. Of course I’d LOVE to see what you create.