Whether you are about to have your first baby, second, third, fourth, or …  : some wishes for you.

May you have proper space to rest and nest.

May you practice releasing your control. May you ask for help and may you be humble enough to receive it.

May you be the recipient of good food prepared by someone else. May you have support in daily household tasks. If you have another child(ren) may you have a layered network of support to ease this transition.

May you be listened to with compassion, and may you layer on the self compassion steadily.

May you be wrapped just as this new babe will be swaddled.

May you loosen your grip on productivity and instead honor deep healing.

May you be cracked wide open, and rebuild this new version yourself.

May you take time to listen to your spirit, and nourish it with whatever makes your heart sing.

May you be held.

.  .  .

I often wonder if I would have been hit so hard with post partum depression if I had the practices to recover + heal during early post partum? Since, I have learned about the ways different cultures treat this precious time and I am now impassioned about sharing some ideas so that the new mama can weave her heart into her own choices, and realize she has choices, and the option to  s  l  o  w.

I’d like to witness holistic examples of women taking time to heal after giving birth, regardless of what the labor and delivery was like. Because early postpartum is the beginning of a continuous journey of redefining the self.