I love making mini malas, and I especially love designing them with someone’s vision + desires in mind. I have made some custom malas for a few wonderful people, and my heart explodes when I hear what they have to say when their unique piece lands in there hands.

“I really cant describe how much I love my mini mala. I’m not a spiritual person at all, but I kinda felt something when I held it. I definitely felt connected to it and like it gave me some sort of spiritual feeling and calmness.”

– Esta Tonkin of Wild Weka


“…the intention I set for my mala (to lean into my intuition more) seems to be coming true! Since wearing it, I’ve found a professional intuitive online who I really clicked with and had a session with her last week. After our session, she asked for my permisson to use our call for her training program, and as a trade, offered me free access to an online course (she sells for lots of money) to develop one’s psychic skills.I create one step – and the the universe paves the next 2 steps for me.”

– Danielle van de Kemmenade of Heart Work


“I was so honored to receive something this beautiful. I kept these pearls from a tiny island off the coast of Colombia for so many years until I saw your work and knew that I could put them in the right hands. I told you I dreamt of wearing moonlight, and that is exactly how it feels when I drape them around my neck.”

– Susanna Harwood Rubin, Yoga Teacher. Writer. Artist

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“My stunning mini mala started working it’s magic right away from the moment I began to unwrap the thoughtful, gorgeous packaging! I definitely feel energized by wearing my mini mala and remember to be grounded just by touching it or looking at it. I feel like it packs so much beauty, wisdom and inspiration, and I don’t know if they are addictive, but I already want a second one!!”

– Berynes Sosa – A most extraordinary teacher


Each piece is as unique as the person who sparked its creation, and serves them in both a very real + magical way.

If you have a vision, some special beads or a charm, or are just wanting something designed specifically for you with your desires in mind – let’s make something!

You can begin here.