Once you have found a space, start to gather and arrange meaningful objects on your altar. Chose things that inspire you and lift you up.


Here are some options to get you started :

  • A symbol of something that helps you feel guided and protected : Maybe it’s a statue or picture of a god, goddess, angel, saint, etc..  I have Mother Mary, Ganesh, and Shiva sprinkled on my altar.
  • Pictures of loved ones that perhaps you don’t get to see anymore but feel a strong connection to. I have a picture of my grandma.
  • Candles: Something light + bright that can symbolize your desires burning and forming into this world. I love my magic hour candle.
  • A little bowl of water for fluidity and nourishment.
  • Plants to purify, ground you, and watch grow. I love my air plants & succulents and although they aren’t on my altar, they are close by.
  • Elements from nature : leaves, branches, flowers, fruits, rocks, shells, etc.
  • Crystals : for added magic.
  • Mala beads : to use for meditation or charge with positivity.
  • Dried sage : To clear your space.


Here are some items you can keep nearby :

  • Journal : help you connect to yourself
  • Inspiring book : some of my favorites
  • A meditation shawl : to keep you cozy
  • Deck of intuitive cards : to play with and receive guidance from
  • Your yoga mat /meditation cusion : to create a comfortable seat
  • Essential oils : to energize and refresh

Whatever you decide to collect will be something that is in constant flux. This is what my altar looked like when we were living in Germany, and now it quite a bit different, but still feels right. So give yourself permission to let it evolve. And I can’t wait to hear what special things you gather!!