I spend a lot of time thinking about what I want : goals, intentions, dream case scenarios, taking time to manifest with the moon… And I truly believe the act of dreaming is wonderful, but if it is not balanced with a heavy dose of appreciation for what is right now – it can be dangerous.  And I speak from experience.

Gratitude is a practice that I am constantly recommitting to. It’s not a revolutionary idea – but powerful shifts can occur when it is practiced daily. Because what you focus on expands.

It is easy to spend a micro-second on the awesome and many, many seconds (minutes, days…) on the not so awesome. Gratitude requires fierce dedication and a willingness to see the light.


small things : twinkle lights + a mini mala

So this is an invitation to pause and notice the mini things : the nice comments, the small interactions, seeing your favorite color, or time on the clock, good meals had, tears of relief cried… An invitation to write it down, be specific, and let yourself be filled up by all the good that exists in your life.

If you need inspiration, I love how my friend Danielle creates Bliss Lists, my mood improves simply by reading them. This post from the archives gives you some ideas on where to keep a gratitude list. And this mini meditation on gratitude will help you locate the beautiful small things.

Commit to gratitude daily. I will be here doing the same.