I am not argumentative.  I am not able to clearly + succinctly state my case to persuade others to see it the same. I bawled incoherently while on the phone with my congressman.  I am deeply sensitive + I feel immensely. This crisis of children being taken away from their families, feels as if my own children are being taken away from me, and I sob in agony and feel this collective heartache.

I am brought to tears as I help my children brush their teeth + wash their hands, and wonder who on earth is doing this for these innocent children.  I’m praying there are angels close helping these children + parents. I’m praying that somehow these “leaders” will clearly see that there is no separation between them + us. We are all just looking for peace + happiness, and America used to be a place where people could come to pursue those rights. I am here only because my grandma immigrated here, and before that my great, great grandparents. That is the irony in all of this. I know it is multilayered, but I understand the core enough to know that what is happening is not right. I am stirring in grief.

May everyone only come out of this stronger and more determined than before. May a deep, needed, and necessary change + healing come from this incredible darkness, and may everyone’s pain be comforted somehow.

Feeling unsure of what to do and wanting to take action : I donated here.