The full moon beckons us to release so we can transform + heal this upcoming space. Healing from the residue of life. Finding the balm that soothes our heart and soul, and practicing it daily.

I contionusly release the unwavering self doubt, and that underlying feeling of never being good enough.

For this year I want to weave in all aspects of me into a coherent work of art.

Rather than scattered pieces here and there, scraps going unnoticed.

I want to embody a fluid and easy way of being, honoring support.

Welcoming huge sweeps of grace often.

Starting with gratitude, and connecting with hearts.

Seeing the value in organization and practicing the art of looking ahead.

Living in the questions, and letting the days provide the answers within.

More yielding, less pushing.

Guide me to see the greater vision.

Bring me closer to me.

. . .

May all your visions seep into your reality. Let them unravel from the heart.