I’ve traded my little corner “office” behind the couch in our Brooklyn apartment for an entire room in our new home. It only really consists of a desk at this point, and a bed for guests – but my desk is nestled in front of a window, which is a dream.


I got an actual “craft table” which my loving husband assembled, and now I have room for my many supplies. I have a little station for packaging / miscellaneous tasks on the other side of the room and a meditation nook, which I try to visit every morning as long as Luca allows, or if I manage to wake up before him.

I have my beads arranged in tubes, baby food jars, in a bead box I found in a second hand shop in Brooklyn, in zip lock bags nestled into a shoebox, and in a plastic case I’ve had since I was a kid. They are tucked into different drawers and spaces – and I can pull them out and put them back with somewhat relative ease.

I’m beyond grateful to have space dedicated specifically towards Charm & Magic. And just like everything in this house, I’m sure it will evolve just as I do.