Sugar Blues

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I can’t lie.  I live for dessert.  As a kid I used to eat my dinner just so I could have dessert.  For my school lunch – I would have a bite of my sandwich and then buy and devour a packaged, processed, fudgy brownie.  My sweet tooth can be all consuming at times.  I have trouble having just one little piece of chocolate.  So after a while, (especially if it is a stressful day, or if I am lonely) the bar of chocolate has disappeared, almost like magic.  I don’t compute that I actually devoured the entire bar. I am just ready for more.  It is a devilish cycle that can have such an intense hold on me.

sugarThrough my studies at Institute for Integrative Nutrition I am getting to the root of why, and now have the power to make empowered choices.  This rich information I have learned is like my superpower I can use to combat these strong cravings that appear.  And of course, like anything – it is a practice.  A continuous one.  There are awesome days -where I feel so proud and in control, and then there are days where I am appalled and disgusted by the amount of sugar I consumed in various forms.

cut-your-sugarI am excited to be taking my relationship with sugar to the next level and hope you will join me.  I’m tired feeling like a slave to chocolate & sweets.  I will be leading a free ‘Sugar Blues’ tele-class that will uncover and recover your relationship to sugar.  You will become empowered and informed about the effects of sugar & you will leave with tools to use when your next sugar craving creeps up.  You will learn, sugar is not the problem – it is the solution.


Wednesday, February 13th – 8:00pm – 8:45pm EST 

Email to reserve your spot and get the details about how to join the call.

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What are your guidelines for a happy & full life?

This is something I asked myself after a pretty unbalanced week.  As I am starting to grow my health & wellness business, A Well Fed Body, I found myself impatiently pouring energy into my ventures.   Things fell by the wayside.  Self-care was last on the list.  I didn’t cook a home cooked meal until Friday night.  (!)

Feeling out of whack is frustrating & uncomfortable, because I know what I could be feeling and experiencing instead.  But it also a blessing, as it gave me a jolt to stop and identify what I need to feel fulfilled.

So I journaled.

photo-4I realized in order to feel grounded, I’d like to experience these things throughout the week:

  • Cook! Eat home mostly, dine out occasionally
  • Make juice
  • Use one afternoon to stay at work and plan
  • Plan for my lessons & classes at least 1 day in advance
  • Move my body at least 3 times a week
  • Take at least 1 yoga / dance class
  • Screens off at 10:00 pm
  • Read for 15 minutes a day
  • Have one Facebook free day per week
  • Be creative – Create

Now these are guidelines – meaning they are something I will work towards.  They are pretty ideal & yet somewhat realistic.  But just like any other guidelines – they are not do or die.  I will be kind to myself if I don’t get to check them all off at the end of the week.  At least I have something to steer me, and check back with as I move through this week.

Wondering what keeps you grounded and comfortable in your days?



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Insight from Oma

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There are many women who inspire me to be vibrantly healthy & radiantly happy.  I follow them on Facebook, read their blogs, watch their youtube videos, and eat up their newsletters.  These women keep me grounded & motivated while challenging me to take on the next right thing for my optimal health.  But there is one woman who doesn’t have a blog or a website, but has inspired me for 20 + years  – my grandma.


At 85 years old, she radiates.  After raising 7 kids and being married for 60 years, she still has long hair with only a few grays and a handful of wrinkles.   She is vibrant.  She is active.  She sprinkles her days with laughter.

My grandma grew up in Germany eating kasha, porridge, & cod liver oil.  When Oma had kids she served them porridge, pea soup, and brewers yeast.  She always read and continues to learn about health.  She read books by Adelle Davis, a health food guru, in the 1950s, she has Dr. Weil’s food pyramid posted on her wall, and has a subscription to Prevention Magazine.  She stays constantly informed. 

She eats fruits, veggies, beans & nuts, she doesn’t eat of meat, and never fries anything at home.  She does little things, like choosing brown rice over white, whole wheat bread over white, and has a collection of vitamins and supplements.  She believes that the food is too refined now, so she compliments her diet with turmeric, grape-seed oil, Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, F, & probiotics just to name a few.

What does she value?  Eating whole foods instead of refined ones.  speech

Her beauty and her energy inspires me.  Her wise yet simple insight guides me.  I am so grateful to have both her and my grandpa in my life in a very big way – as healthy & happy as they are.

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Do I Look Fat?

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Used to be a regular utterance.  It hasn’t gotten much use since I shifted to a mostly whole food, plant based diet… but this phrase has been creeping up in my vocabulary recently.  It is winter.  It is cold.  I am bundled under bulky sweaters rather than slinky bikinis – but yet I find myself judging my body as if it should fit in a bikini.  Why?

I am learning to eat with the seasons, with what the earth provides.  I am learning to listen to my body & what it wants.  I didn’t run during this insanely frigid week in New York.  This morning I ate Ezekial Cinnamon Raisin Bread with melted dark chocolate topped with olive oil & a side of banana and peanut butter, it was incredibly delicious.

Winter is a time where fat is necessary. I need it, and I have gained it. Not much – but I feel it.  What can you do – but continue to take the next right steps for a glowing, radiant existence.



I am ending my day with a Tumeric Tea and enjoying this next right step.

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6 Lessons I Learned From The Mountain

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How you do anything is how you do everything.

After a weekend on the slopes I realized many of the things I was learning as a snowboarder could be transferred to life.  These little points I will keep close to me whether I am in my snow pants or in my jeans.

1. Lean into it – when approaching something scary like ice, a steep hill, or a challenge at work- embrace it rather than resisting. You’ll have a much better time and get better results.

2. Commit – fully, to whatever is present in the moment.

3. Breath – makes everything complete.

4. Take breaks – know when enough is enough and when a rest is in order.  Honor your efforts with what you need to recover.  Celebrate the quiet, so you can be ready for what is to come next.

5. Pep talks are welcome and encouraged – flood your thoughts with: I am a confident beast, an outrageous &  courageous being – ready to commit to & trust in anything that comes my way.

6. When you fall get back up – Get up! As easy as it is to stay down and call it quits.  Cry if you need to, but you get to have the last say.  Then, let it go so you are able to fully be in the present rather than lingering in the past.


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Schedule Some Lovin’

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In your week ahead carve out some slivers or even slabs of time to dote and take care of yourself.  Often, we give, give, give to everyone around us and we forget about ourselves, what we need in order to stay in balance.  We then loose steam, get sick, and have no other choice but to slow down and nurture ourselves.

photoSo be proactive.  Go inward.  Schedule a massage, take a hot bath, drink a cup of tea in silence, cuddle up on the couch with a book that has been on your list, make yourself a delicious and nutritious breakfast, write in your journal, try out acupuncture, go on a walk, a run, dress up one day, take a movement class, have a dance party in your kitchen, you get to choose.  Choose something that makes you feel glorious & rejuvenated so that energy can seep into your days and your life.

Have a beautiful week ahead.

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