Make Things

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I am supremely satisfied when I am creative, when I am making messes, and when I just begin.  Here are some things I have been making (and you can too) over the past few months:

Vision Board – cut / paste / collage – doesn’t have to be anything more than that.

Mini Mobiles – wrap + hang your favorite things from a branch.

Coloring Sheets  – print and color these intricate doodles.

DIY Barrettes  – totally fancy all you need is some nail polish!

Friendship Bracelets – these will never go out of style.

Mini Notebooks – simple + sweet

and I have been using lots of Washi Tape – the best material ever!!

“Write it. Shoot it. Publish it. Crochet it, sauté it, whatever. MAKE.
― Joss Whedon

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Mini Yoga Flow * 13

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A nice and simple way to pause and stretch your upper body.  You can fold + breathe + bend with or without a little one poking around.

Click here for more attempts at baby and me yoga.   I’m learning it’s always good to squeeze something in – even if it doesn’t look or feel perfect.

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So You Want to Make a Vision Board

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Do it!  They are so fun to make – especially if you don’t worry about getting it right.


Flip through magazines and tear out anything that speaks to you: colors, shapes, letters, or designs  – it doesn’t have to be so linear and exact.  Anything goes here.  It’s yours.

Just begin, and make your mess.

There is something so grounding about working with scissors, glue, and images of things you love.

Oh and if you aren’t in the mood right now to put your vision board together, keep an envelope where you can save images you like so they are there when you are ready.

I can’t wait to see what you make – both on your board and in your life.

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Charm & Magic : Mini Mobiles

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My mini mala creations have temporarily been on hold while I search for new materials.  In the meantime I am creating sweet and playful mini mobiles.

You can make your own too:

  • Find a branch
  • Wrap your favorite colored thread around and around
  • Attach beads, charms, or anything that would dangle sweetly
  • Hang it lovingly and admire it often  –  (I have one hanging from my altar)

whispers of greenery


photo 3-11

disco party

photo 1-17

pink & silver

photo 2-18

shores by the sea

If you want to co-create one together send me a note ( and we will mindfully arrange your favorite things so you can admire them daily.

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More Love Letters

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The other day I wrote a love letter to no one I knew.  Inspired by I wrote down words that I thought would be nice for someone to read.


Today I am going to find a place in Frankfurt to leave this note and I hope whoever picks it up understands english :)

The founder of this global organization speaks about her mission in this 5 minute TED talk.  What a gift to create and send little notes of love that lift people up all over this world.  Writing these few sentences certainly lifted me up.

Try it!  Grab a pen and piece of paper and write a little note that will make someone’s day.

Click here to find out how to get started.


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Salad Lovin’

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Croissants and chocolate have been getting the better of me these days, so I am trying to add more fruits and veggies into my life.


This simple salad did the trick : bed of greens + sliced apple + chopped hazelnuts + olive oil & balsamic vinegar… some parmesan cheese would have also been nice.

For more salad inspiration:

Superfy Your Salad: make your salads super awesome.

Golden Beet Salad: lovely & hearty standby.

And here is an awesomely robust salad guide compliments of Integrative Nutrition.

What is your favorite go to salad?

P.S. Had to pause from today being a doodle day because I have fallen way behind on my coloring!  Seems like there is always something ‘more important’ to do than filling these doodles with coloring.  How silly! So I am going to re-prioritize, and get coloring my #doodlesbyryann.  Stay tuned for more coloring sheets to come.

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