Summer Plans

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Happy summer to you all!


I used this change of seasons as a time to think about how I want to feel and what I want to experience this summer. I continually return to this practice because intention setting is magic and writing it down makes it extra powerful.

Plus, if you happen to be anything like me, you might feel anxious that you are going to miss it all, and all of a sudden it will be 2016! Boom. If you ever feel that FOMO – this is an excellent tool to tap into your awareness and get super present and clear with what you are wanting.

So grab a pen + your journal and start to craft your ideal summer season and all the things that exist in your days. Write like you already have it. Be specific. And make sure to dream wildly. 

Here’s to the smell of sunscreen, the glow of fireflies, juicy watermelon, and mermaid sightings. Enjoy planting some mindful seeds of intention! Can’t wait to hear what sprouts.


P.S. If you want to make something AMAZING this summer (!) Join us for a

Make Your Own Mala Workshop: July 9th @ 7:30 pm in my living room in Park Slope, Brooklyn. $40.

Email to reserve your spot. I have about 4 spaces left.

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Getting Back to Gratitude

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Life has been feeling intense, and I feel like I have barely been able to keep up. Unfortunately, whenever I’m in this space, I tend to forget about all the grounding practices that could help keep me upright and find my center.


Yesterday, I realized that my once regular practice of gratitude has not existed in I don’t even know how long. So, today I Recommitted to Gratitude with a big gratitude list.

I was super inspired by Tiffany Pratt, who is a designer + stylist / a rainbow come to life, as she shared her practice of using her mala beads to practice gratitude! She touches all 108 beads and thinks of one thing for each bead until she goes around her entire necklace.

I love this idea so much, that I will be definitely be practicing it daily. Even if I only have time for half of the beads, or 3 of them, or even just 1 – because something is always better than nothing.

Do you have a way you practice gratitude? I’d love to hear about it!

P.S. If you like to hear more from Tiffany, as I so desperately did – she is also featured in this podcast (episode #333 Enter the Glitter Suite)

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Final Pop Up

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Eight months ago I was in a tricky transition. We moved back to Brooklyn after living in Germany for six months, and I had trouble figuring out how to navigate motherhood, my own passions, and everything else that is required in city living.

Overwhelmed with the seemingly many directions I could go in, paired with the responsibility of being a full time mom – plus the desire to make something, I didn’t know how to direct my energy. Until I began these Pop Up Yoga Classes in motion, which became both a sacred pause and my anchor.


photo by

Each class has been incredibly unique. We have gathered in a sweet little studio in Brooklyn, in an expansive space in Chelsea, NYC, and have even had one virtual celebration on the internet. They have ended with chocolate, red roses, prayer arrows, and conversation. They have been an incredible vessel of shared magic while celebrating the  moon.

This month will mark the final Pop Up in NYC, as we are about to embark on yet another big transition as we pack up and move to Lancaster, PA in a month or so – which is a whole other story, filled with many, many emotions that I will save for another time!

So join me for this next Pop Up that will be bursting with magic:  This Tuesday, June 2nd at 7:15 pm @ The Yoga Collective // 135 West 29th St. // $20 // RSVP here. 

This final class will be a celebration of desire, of possibility, and of the unknown. It will be a chance to rejuvenate and connect to your higher self – while stepping out of your mind and into your body. You will get to create the space to receive a lovely collection of blessings that are just waiting to tumble down upon you.

Hope to see you there – or somewhere – before we leave Brooklyn and call Lancaster home. 

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A Reminder

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It’s all an illusion.

What you see is not necessarily how it really appears.

How it appears is not necessarily real…

You have to choose to see the flowers.

You have to choose to feel.

Take the time to :



Check In,

And Receive,

And most importantly BREATHE.

When I catch myself questioning my worth + my value. I will celebrate that I caught myself and remember that what I’m thinking is most likely false.

I do my best to stay connected, over and over again.

Trusting wildly.

Knowing I am more than worth it, and my gifts (and yours) are NEEDING to be shared to heal yourself and this world.

And if you forget this little fact (which you most likely will), just remind yourself until you remember your greatness again.

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Last Night I Went to Bed..

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with a lavender eye pillow resting on my eyes, my japa mala in my hands, and my heart very full.

I just came back from my first yoga retreat ever! It was just for moms in upstate NY. There was a lot of stress and angst leading up to it, and I wasn’t even sure if I should leave Luca for the first time since he was born (!). But I did, and I’m glad I carved out a weekend for myself, my thoughts, my breath, and my heart.


I remembered there is nothing to prove and there is plenty of room to strive less. I was reminded that I choose my value and to not diminish my light. And that I get to soften again and again to remember and re-remember this all.

I entered back into my life completely reorganized internally, and for this I am incredibly grateful.

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Breath as a Mirror

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“In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness.” – Gandhi

Navigate the maze of the mind by connecting to the breath with this mini meditation.

sit + breathe + listen

And because I SO believe in the magic of pausing and connecting to yourself – I created a mini meditation bundle that includes 5 mini meditations for $5. You can find more about that here.

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