Commit to Gratitude

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I spend a lot of time thinking about what I want : goals, intentions, dream case scenarios, taking time to manifest with the moon… And I truly believe the act of dreaming is wonderful, but if it is not balanced with a heavy dose of appreciation for what is right now – it can be dangerous.  And I speak from experience.

Gratitude is a practice that I am constantly recommitting to. It’s not a revolutionary idea – but powerful shifts can occur when it is practiced daily. Because what you focus on expands.

It is easy to spend a micro-second on the awesome and many, many seconds (minutes, days…) on the not so awesome. Gratitude requires fierce dedication and a willingness to see the light.


small things : twinkle lights + a mini mala

So this is an invitation to pause and notice the mini things : the nice comments, the small interactions, seeing your favorite color, or time on the clock, good meals had, tears of relief cried… An invitation to write it down, be specific, and let yourself be filled up by all the good that exists in your life.

If you need inspiration, I love how my friend Danielle creates Bliss Lists, my mood improves simply by reading them. This post from the archives gives you some ideas on where to keep a gratitude list. And this mini meditation on gratitude will help you locate the beautiful small things.

Commit to gratitude daily. I will be here doing the same.

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Books I LOVE

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I’ve been wanting to create a list of books that have made a real difference in my life and finally 9 months later, while Luca naps, I present you with this collection of books that I underlined nearly everything I read.

If you are looking for an INSPIRING book, take a look and let me know what books are your lighthouses.


Return to Love -This is great if you are craving a new outlook on your life. Marianne Williamson is simply sublime and this book totally shifted my perspective everything about miracles + life.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?…”


Spiritual Doodles + Mental Leapfrogs -This is great if you want to tap into your creativity. This book is bringing me SO much joy it’s amazing. Handwritten by Katherine Q. Revoir, it is so playful and helps me access my expression with little drawing and writing exercises. I try to get a page done after breakfast and I feel immediately plugged in.


The Alchemist – This is great if you are figuring out your passion and your path. A must read. I devoured this in college and remembered asking my dentist what if this profession was his professional legend. He answered as best he could.


Buddhism for Mothers – This is great for ALL mothers. This book arrived for Luca’s first birthday thanks to Caroline, and I am DEVOURING it. It is SO good, and exactly what I need to hear. Motherhood is not all sparkles and snuggles, and it’s so helpful to be reminded that it’s not wrong to feel certain things that I don’t necessarily want to feel. It’s all a part of the journey.


The Invitation – This is great if you want to live a heart centered life. Jeanne gave this to me when we started working together and it is sheer beauty in the most raw and real way.

“It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing.” – Oriah


The Desire Map – This is great if you just want to feel GOOD! Danielle LaPorte has completely shifted the way I approach life. Focusing on how I want to FEEL has made a subtle yet powerful impact on how I approach my dreams and my goals. A constant practice, but one that feels amazing.


Start Where you Are – This is great if you are wanting to access the present moment more. I am currently eating everything that Pema Chodron has to say. Here compassionate reminders to practice mindfulness are always what I need to here.


Here is to less phone time and more book time!

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Writing Progress Down

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“Always concentrate on how far you have come, rather than how far you have left to go.  The difference in how easy it seems will amaze you.” – Heidi Johnson


I like to look ahead, rather than acknowledge what I have already done. So the other day I filled my journal with all that has happened these past six months in Frankfurt.  It is amazing to see it all written out at once.  It gives events that are big + small value and I felt proud and settled rather than anxious and uncertain about the future.

So go ahead and pull out your journal and write all that you have done – today, this month, this season, or this year. Then feel good and grounded about it all.

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‘Weird’ Things That Keep Me ‘Normal’

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I do yoga, meditate, chant, make vision boards, have an altar, wear a mini mala, and journal to stay connected to myself. Some of them are ‘weird’ others are ‘normal’ but they all ground me when I feel scattered, frustrated, or discouraged. I am loving this new practice I learned from Gabrielle Bernstein,.


Connecting to your guides through writing can be so powerful. I tried this one morning when I was feeling particularly down and it lifted me right up. I go back to it now whenever I need extra guidance. I talk with my grandma and she always shares gems of wisdom with me. This may be categorized in the ‘weird’ section. But it’s so worth it.

What do you do to bring yourself back home to you?

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What You Focus On Expands

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“It is gratitude that expands my ability to receive beauty in my life.” – Oriah

When I focus on all the wonder in my life I am significantly happier. Life seems easier and sparklier when I write mini gratitude lists or jot down the magic that exists in my days.

Example: I am grateful for morning runs, Luca naps, muesli with chocolate, and quiet mornings.  I’m grateful for rain showers, loud booms of thunder, and the picture of a rainbow my brother sent me via What’s App.  I’m thankful for unicorn stickers, handmade stamps, fresh lavender, and homemade cookies.

Result: Ahhhhhh……


Sometimes I forget this super simple practice and my life then reflects it.

When I have a clear space to write down highlights from the day life gets even sweeter.

Find a place where you can keep a growing list of all things that are awesome. Moleskines rock.  I love my gratitude journal.  And I’m starting a magic log in a mini-notebook.

Start with the basics.  Let it ramble.  Let the words tumble out.

Write in the morning.  Write at the end of the day.  Find a time and just write anyway.



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