Virtual Full Moon Ceremony

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Happy Full Moon!

I made a virtual full moon ceremony where you can practice gratitude, claim what you want to release, and what you want to create.

All you need is a pen and a paper, a sense of humor (as this is the first time I am doing something like this, and you’ll hear Luca babbling in the background!) Click the picture below to play the video.

Mini Full Moon Ceremony from Leah Fox on Vimeo.

At the end I share about a new offering : a mini meditation bundle!! 5 meditations – 5 minutes each – for $5.00. You can find more about that here.

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Design Your Vision

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It’s never too late to design your vision. There is always time.

You can do it the first of the year, the first of the month, every full moon, new moon, morning, end of the week, or beginning of the week. The opportunity to pause, ground, and reflect are endless.

All it takes is commitment and curiosity to ask yourself the question: What do I want? And then open yourself to receive the answer.


I want : more space. clear boundaries between being a mom and growing a business. time for play. to attract magic. spontaneous travel. a connected community. to feel useful.

Let your list run long. Tune into how you want to feel. Write it down and then let it go and create the space you need to receive. And know you deserve it all.


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Petals & Berries: Full Moon Magic

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I’ve felt a strong connection to the moon ever since I went into labor on the night of a full moon.  I have been paying attention to its phases and (thanks to this post by Gala Darling) I have been creating my own full moon ceremonies.  Gala totally demystified the whole idea of a ceremony – it can be anything you want it to be with just a bit of extra attention and intention.  I follow her cues and add a little touch of my own and here is what I do:

  • light a candle
  • take a few mindful breaths
  • chant or say a mantra
  • write a gushing gratitude list
  • pull a card from this deck
  • write down something that I want to let go of and then rip the paper up into many, many pieces

I end with a wish.  Raw chocolate always follows.

I’ve done it solo, and last month I made my husband and in-laws participate (they didn’t really have much of a choice, but I think they liked it).  This month I think I’ll incorporate these petals and berries in some way, because why not?


I’m certainly no expert about the moon, but my very wise friend, Alaina, said it best – the moon has such a big effect on water and we are made of mostly water, so how can we NOT be affected?

Take a look at Gala’s detailed post on how you can make your own magic on the full moon (which is Saturday, July 12th) and let me know what you come up with!

P.S. The picture above was inspired by the amazing work of Phillipa Stanton – who is worth adding to your Instagram feed @5ftinf.

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